Assault charge against Rep. Daniel to be dismissed under deal with prosecutor

An assault charge filed against state Rep. Martin Daniel, R-Knoxville, after he shoved an opponent during a broadcast forum last summer will be dismissed if he stays out of trouble for six months, reports the News Sentinel.

In an agreement with special prosecutor Jason Lawson of Wilson County brokered by defense attorney Gregory P. Isaacs, Daniel will not admit guilt and the assault charge against him will be dismissed after six months of good behavior.

The agreement was announced in a brief hearing Friday before Union County General Sessions Judge Darryl Edmondson, who was tapped to hear the case after Knox County’s judges recused themselves.

“The assault that never was will be dismissed,” Isaacs said after the hearing. “There was no entry of a plea by Rep. Daniel. Rep. Daniel is glad the taxpayers will not be spending any additional money on this unfortunate situation.”

Daniel was slapped with an assault charge after he and then-challenger Steve Hall, a former Knoxville city councilman (and former state representative), got into a shoving match in July 2016 during a live radio forum. Hall pressed the charge, not the Knoxville Police Department.

Note: A post at the time: HERE.

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