Bill would require ‘In God We Trust’ on all TN vehicle license plates

All Tennessee vehicle license plates would bear the slogan “In God we trust” under legislation filed by state Rep. Bill Sanderson, R-Kenton.

“Our government was founded on religious belief,” said Sanderson when asked about HB26, which he said was inspired by an Obion County constituent. “I’m not trying to cram anything down anyone’s throat…. There are many gods. We’re not saying Jesus Christ.”

Sanderson said other states, including neighboring Kentucky, have the same slogan on license plates and it’s also the national motto that appears on coins. Kentucky’s motor vehicle licensing department, however, indicates having the phrase on a plate is optional, not required.

As filed, HB26 calls for all registration plates to carry the phrase, though it lets the state use existing supplies of plates until they are all distributed. Tennessee plates now issued can be used for multiple years with only a decal provided to show an annual renewal.

The bill has no Senate sponsor yet, but Sanderson said he anticipates no difficulty in finding one.

3 Responses to Bill would require ‘In God We Trust’ on all TN vehicle license plates

  • Kathy Mikolakczak says:

    As a non believer, I do not want that on my license plate.

  • cannoneer2 says:

    Since I’m sure that all U.S. coins and currency offend you, you can just turn all that you have over to me if it will make you feel better….

  • David A. Collins says:

    Sanderson obviously failed grade school civics. This country was not founded on religion. It was founded, in part, on the belief of religious freedom with a very anti government sponsored religion tenet, hence the clause in the constitution that mandates separation of church and state. Sanderson would have been shouted down at the Continental Congress for suggesting any similar law at that time.

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