Black gathers tea party support in run for governor

Press release from Diane Black campaign

Nashville, Tenn. – Today, Diane Black announced a new coalition of grassroots conservative leaders from across the state of Tennessee. Diane is building the strongest grassroots campaign in the history of the state, and that starts with the conservative activists that have fought for years, and in some cases decades, to protect our conservative Tennessee values.

“I couldn’t be more excited to have such a strong group of conservative activists supporting my campaign for Governor,” said Diane Black. “The Tea Party movement inspired millions of Americans across the country to fight for new conservative leadership in Washington, and that energy and passion is still alive and well in Tennessee. Together, with this great group of leaders, I know that we will stand up for the conservative values that make our state great.” 

Members of Diane Black’s Conservative Grassroots Coalition: 

Co-chairman Lee Douglas, founder of 9-12 Project
Co-chairman Steve Osborn, Sevier County Tea Party president
Co-chairman Judson Phillips, founder of Tea Party Nation
Co-chairman Mark West, founder and president of Chattanooga Tea Party

Chris Clem, home school activist and former State Representative
Mary Cook, Smokey Mountain Tea Party
Claire Crouch, Morristown Tea Party
Arlene Cunningham, SURG member
Hope Foulds, Patriots of East Tennessee
Rebecca Griffey, Rural Tennessee Speaks
Joni Hargrove, Rural Tennessee Speaks
Jordan Iwanyszyn, Upper Cumberland Tea Party
JB Millard, Houston County Tea Party Patriots
Aertie Patterson, Cumberland County Tea Party
John Patterson, Cumberland County Tea Party
Wayne Schnell, Cross County Patriots
Mark Skoda, Memphis Tea Party founder and conservative talk radio host
Pandora Vreeland, Cross County Patriots
Teresa West, Knox County Tea Party

13 Responses to Black gathers tea party support in run for governor

  • Lance Persson says:

    Folks, Keep in mind that much of what you see in the list is “smoke and mirrors”. I am only familiar with two of the groups. In one a name is used who may be a member bot is not and has not been in the leadership of that group. In the other group I am familiar with I know that many in the group are not supporting Diane Black.
    …. All of this is just to say, don’t ASSUME that most Tea Party members support Diane Black. Talk to those who have been active in Tea Party politics and see what they say. Study the candidates carefully and determine who has been part of the swamp. Then decide who to vote for. WATCH WHAT THEY DO, NOT WHAT THEY SAY.

  • steve osborn says:

    Lance, I mean no disrespect and hope you take the following simply as a query.

    But sir, I’ve been with the tea party since its inception. I personally know most everyone on the list above. I know that all have relationships with legislators in Nashville, and have influenced our conservative agenda in some way via the legislative process. Many of those listed, myself included, have been published or quoted in various conservative online magazines and on local television interviews. I don’t say this as a braggadocious statement, but only as a qualifier.

    I would ask — again, respectfully — what tea party are you affiliated with if any, and on what basis / authority do you make your statement? And because you know which campaign I support, do you support a different candidate?
    Thanks. Just curious

    • Betty J. Ziesel says:

      Steve, I preface my words below with I’ve known you for years and have the utmost respect for you. I’ve proudly worn the tea party mantle and what it still stands for prior to it being fashionable to be one. You know me and know that my views are ultra conservative, some would say to a fault. That’s why I can truthfully say that what Diane Black brings to the table in no way comes close to being conservative. Mrs. Black is a left leaning moderate with no intentions in honoring this state’s values or keeping it “red to the roots”. She and her husband have lived off state and federal taxpayer dollars far too long. Anyone that supported Trump for POTUS knows that Mrs. Black joined the coalition to keep him from becoming president and attended a planning meeting in GA. There are those right here in our state that don’t support him and still working to undermine him and stop him from implementing his agenda. I pray that the “Anybody But Boyd” group wakes up and takes a look at Kay White and Bill Lee, who are the ONLY two candidates that are truly right of center and conservative … one more so than the other.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        Sorry, but I maintain that if by magic conservatives could live in Tennessee for the next eight years without knowing the name of the governor they could not tell the difference between the administration of Black, Harwell or hopefully Lee. I believe Randy!, on the other hand, is a centrist who may make conservatives look back wistfully at the administration of Bill Haslam.

        My attitude toward Diane Black is best illustrated by my substantial contributions to Lou Ann Zelenik and Joe Carr when they ran against her. Indeed, conservatives should take a look at every candidate because it is April, spring is here, and it is a perfect time to explore new things. All too soon however it will be July and hopefully by that time it will become obvious that one candidate has the best chance of defeating Randy!. If we conservatives want to spare ourselves eight years of constant skirmishes punctuated by a few annual battles with the Boyd administration, we will unify and coalesce behind that candidate comforted by the fact that we are doing our part so it’s ANYBODY BUT BOYD!

      • steve osborn says:

        Betty, this is just one of the things I truly appreciate about the conservative grassroots movement. We can respectfully disagree and still work toward our common goals.
        Instead of debating our differences on a page like this, I’d much rather share opinions as we have in the past; face to face and compare notes. The research I’ve done would differ from what you’ve done.

        You’re a good egg, Ma’am

    • Lance Persson says:

      Hi Steve, Certainly no offense taken. You simply voiced your opinion in a very polite manner. My point is that the names on the list do not represent the entire organization. If the organizations had voted to publicly support the candidate, then they should be listed. To simply list the organization because one or more in that organization supports the candidate, to me is very misleading. I compare this to Diane Black’s comment that Donald Trump praised her. Well Donald Trump has said the same thing to Ryan, McConnell, and people on his staff who he fired. Thus to me those words are misleading as they don’t really show that Trump supports her. My observations of Diane Black in congress have been that when it comes to the Right To Live, she has been fantastic. When it comes to other issues, she always seemed to follow Ryan and McConnell’s lead. I don’t want someone to govern our state that is so closely tied to the Washington swamp.

  • Tommy Ray McAnally says:

    Black is trying to buy this election with somebody else’s money. I wouldn’t trust Black in a out house with a mozzle on. Does Black have a Muslim donator? I am telling you Black will corner hook anybody and have no remorse. By the way it sounds and looks like Black’s up bringing didn’t include morals,ethics and integrity. But I guess this is Black’s qualifications.

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    There are no solid movement conservatives in the governor’s race. On the other hand, there is an attractive, wealthy centrist right out of central casting in Randy! Boyd.

    By all means conservatives should have a healthy debate as to which candidate is best but this should not serve to deter us from what I regard as our primary mission which is to prevent Randy! from winning the governor’s race. Conservatives can act to defeat Randy! by simply following the ANBODY BUT BOYD strategy which entails conservatives unifying to vote for the candidate most likely to defeat Randy! right before the election according to the most reliable polls.

    In order to accomplish this we conservatives should not be goaded into incendiary rhetoric against one another as we make our way to election day by Randy! Trolls who will do everything they can to sow discord between us so that on election day the conservative vote is split as evenly as possible between the other three candidates so that Randy! wins. Whatever each of us does before election day please remember the ultimate conservative goal, ANYBODY BUT BOYD!

  • Theresa west says:

    I agree- Anyone but Boyd. I also agree that you should inspect every candidate. And not by believing every wackadoo site on the net either. But by looking up records. There is not a perfect candidate out there. If anyone can find one- please let me know. I am backing Black because she is the candidate that votes the most in line with the agenda I’ve worked so hard on since 2009. Nowhere do any of the aforementioned TP leaders say that they are representing the endorsement of thier entire group. In fact- we told them explicitly that we were not. I dont think you will find ANY organization where you can get 100% to vote a certain way. We are simply stating that she is who we think – at this time- is the best candidate to beat Randy! and the democrats. She will work with us to further the conservative goal – and she WILL be held accountable. when/if she doesnt. Please- do your due dilegence – dont vote with emotion- but VOTE. We can lost the race just by staying home.

  • James White says:

    Judson Phillip’s a conservative? Ha Ha lol.

  • James White says:

    And Mark Skoda? Sorry, the Tennessee Tea Party was Hijacked by the NeoCon Republicans in the second year they started.

  • Misty Pardner says:

    Any connection to a Tea Party group is good news for all of the other candidates. Crazy right, crazy left. People are sick of them.

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