Blackburn campaign hires new communications director

Press release from Marsha Blackburn campaign

BRENTWOOD, TN – The Marsha for Senate campaign announced Abbi Sigler is joining the campaign as communications director. Andrea Bozek will continue to serve as a campaign advisor.

“We are thrilled to welcome Abbi to the team,” said campaign manager Kevin Golden. “While we will continue to scale up, we are laying the groundwork for an aggressive, substantive campaign. Abbi will help us share Marsha’s conservative vision with Tennesseans across the state as we work to defeat Phil Bredesen in November.”

Sigler has served as an aide for (former Virginia) Governor Bob McDonnell, Congressman Robert Hurt (R-Va.), and Congresswoman Mimi Walters (R-Calif.). She most recently worked on Ed Gillespie’s gubernatorial campaign (in Virginia). Sigler is a graduate of UVa, which recently became the only number one ranked team to ever lose to a number 16 seed in the history of the NCAA tournament.

6 Responses to Blackburn campaign hires new communications director

  • James White says:

    She can hire all she wants, but her NeoCon voting record will never change. She votes for Big Spending, More Government, and Less Liberty. Marsha Blackburn is Deep State. She should retire.

  • Lynda J. Miller says:

    Going to be interesting. Anyone on her campaign staff actually FROM Tennessee? Just curious.
    Now that I think about it are any of the members of her staff from Tennessee? Again, just curious.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Lynda, really, at a time when this country couldn’t be more ideologically divided, when we are all going to have to stand up for what we believe and scrutinize every candidate for what they believe you are curious about where Marsha’s staff comes from. Funny, I have trouble thinking of anything about any candidate anywhere, anytime that is less significant.

  • TommyRay McAnally says:

    Nothing IS going to Help BLACKBURN.

  • We need a candidate of substance, Dr. Rolando Toyos. Drain the swamp!

  • Steffunni Ferreromaddah says:

    We MUST rehabilitate her image by encouraging Ms Blackburn to publicly acknowledge past waffling, likely as a means to survive politically to “fight another day”! The day is here, it began November 8, 2017, and Americans of goodwill want and deserve this opportunity to enjoy prosperity, integrity and sovereignty — only President Trump is committed to securing those goals and I believe it’s happening because of prayers and generally contrite citizens who realize we were on the edge of no return but for God’s faithfulness to Israel’s friends. Let’s flood her office with our willingness to vote and encourage our family and friends to vote for America becoming great again by supporting the President , surrounding him with Senators and Congressional Reps who will stand with him COME WHAT MAY. We have everything to lose; please commit to America for the next generations and let’s get Marsha into the Senate. Vote Biblically, pray believing, trust God for the consequences!!

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