Boyd camp fires back at Black: ‘This is Tennessee, not DC’

Republican Randy Boyd’s campaign is hitting back at GOP gubernatorial primary rival Diane Black after her campaign labeled his plans to have former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush headline a Nashville fundraiser as a “match made in establishment heaven,” reports the Times Free Press.

Boyd spokeswoman Laine Arnold suggested U.S. Rep. Black has spent a little too much in Washington.

“Each of those claims is ridiculous and false, and honestly beneath the dignity of Diane Black,” Arnold said. “This is Tennessee. Not DC. We don’t act that way down here.”

…”Randy is a strong supporter of President Trump and a long-time friend of Jeb Bush,” Arnold said. “We look forward to having their support.”

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2 Responses to Boyd camp fires back at Black: ‘This is Tennessee, not DC’

  • Leslie Parsley says:

    Hahaha. I guess Congresswoman Black is finally getting a reality check re her party’s idea of what the role of women should be in modern day America — 1850s style.

  • Ed Smith says:

    Randy and Diane: the pot calling the kettle black. Both are wrong for TN… we need a competent conservative governor. They should take their money and play in the same sandbox.

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