Bredesen now considering run for U.S. Senate

Former Democratic Gov. Phil Bredesen, who previously had said he wasn’t interested in running for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Republican Bob Corker next year, now says he re-considering the idea after being contacted by several people who urged him to do so.

His comments came in a statement to the Associated Press:

 “In the days ahead, I’m going to do some research, talk with people and carefully think this through,” he said. “I’ll make a decision quickly.”

Bredesen, who turns 74 next month, served two terms as governor, leaving office in January, 2011. The only announced Democrat for the Senate seat, so far, is Nashville attorney James Mackler – though Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke says he’s also eyeing a run.

2 Responses to Bredesen now considering run for U.S. Senate

  • Darryl C says:

    bredeson??? GOD help us… Tennessee needs someone with BRAINS>>> As a governor he was crap>>>

  • Pete says:

    I’d say it’s Bredeson’s for the taking. We love him here in Tennessee. A sensible fiscal conservative. He was reelected in a landslide, and I’d expect the same result if he runs this time.

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