Corker remains coy about Senate plans in Memphis

What have we learned about Sen. Bob Corker’s potential un-retirement plans this weekend? Not much.

As expected, Corker did not attend a Friday evening GOP event in Williamson County (significant because it was the state’s only county not to vote for Trump in the 2016 presidential primary). But he did go to the Lincoln Day dinner in Memphis, where he shared some awkward moments with U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn beforehand but didn’t say anything in the way of revealing his plans.

Some national media folks were out for the Shelby County gala, including NBC’s Vaughn Hillyard:

Hillyard also captured this meme-worthy image (apparently no words were exchanged for nine minutes):

The Tennessean’s Joel Ebert spotted this digital sign mounted on a truck driving around the Franklin venue on Friday.

The Tennessean also covered a Republican gubernatorial forum that featured questions fished out of a bowl. Also, Bill Lee won the straw poll for what it’s worth (which isn’t much, incidentally).

10 Responses to Corker remains coy about Senate plans in Memphis

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Even in deciding whether to retire or run again, Corker is the consummate centrist. One day he’s here, the next day he’s there, the third day he’s uncertain. Good Lord, when we elect Marsha it will be great to have a Senator with relatively coherent, consistent conservative convictions for a change.

    • Leslie Parsley says:

      She’s certainly consistent alright. Consistent with her hand out to the highest bidder, consistent with her bigotry – even toward members of her own sex, consistent with her lies. There’s a huge difference between being a thoughtful fiscal conservative and being a fright wing extremist, but why do I think the extremist part is what gets you all excited?

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        You are correct, “extremism in defense of liberty” does turn me on! What is funny is the way you hang the “extremist” label on the most unlikely recipients. Hang it on me BY ALL MEANS, but on Marsha Blackburn?

        Heritage Action would love if we lived in a world where they were able to give the 535 members of Congress a “100%,” the Conservative Review would love to give them all a Liberty Score of “A100%.” After analyzing Marsha’s VOTING RECORD, not her personality, not the things she says back in Tenn. but her VOTING RECORD the former gives her an eight year average of 83%, the latter a lifetime Liberty Score of only B80%. She’s too liberal for them, she’s too liberal for me. For you she’s a “. . .fright wing extremist. . .”

        It’s all OK, but this August and again in November the voters of Tenn. are going to have to choose who to send to Washington to occupy one of the two seats reserved for Tenn. in the U.S. Senate. I simply want them to know Marsha is simply a conservative, and by no means the least bit “extreme.”

  • Leslie Parsley says:

    Corker reminds me of Fred Thompson who hemmed and hawed his way out of a place on the presidential ticket one year. The time comes when you either have to p*ss or get off the pot. I guess it must be hard to decide whether you want to remain a somewhat sensible elected official or follow the crowd over the cliff. Despite the fact that I rarely agree with the Senator and despite the fact that he’s reluctant to take a stand and stick, I think deep down somewhere is a man with at least some integrity – something Blackburn is missing entirely. At least I’ve never seen him involved with a movement that promotes fake videos.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      “. . .I tlhink deep down somewhere [Corker] is a man with at least some integrity. . . .” Tell it to the FBI and the SEC I say!

      I’m an ideology and voting record type of guy, but for those interested in corruption in politics a fascinating question has long been “How does a guy like, for example, Bob Corker enter the U. S. Senate in 2007 with a negative net worth burdened by debts of between $24 and $120 million make enough money while serving in the U.S. Senate for him to be worth about $69 million today”?

      Well, it seems the “Senator Integrity” was the subject of a complaint filed in 2015 by the Campaign for Accountability noting that while sitting on the Banking Committee the Senator essentially became a day trader making 930 trades in 2014 alone the “. . .followed a consistent pattern. . .He bought low and sold high. It beggars belief to suggest that these trades were mere coincidences.” Then there’s the relationship between Corker and Chattanooga based CBL & Associates Property, the latter under investigation for alleged accounting fraud. It seems Sen. Integrity “. . .is close with senior executives at the firm and has made millions of dollars in profits trading the company’s stock in recent years” according to the Wall St. Journal and both the FBI and SEC “. . .are interested in learning more about the senator’s trading in CBL’s stock. . . .” Finally, there’s apparently investigations taking place looking into a highly profitable real estate transaction in Mobile, Alabama that some suspect had something to do with the senator’s surprising decision not to seek reelection in the first place.

      All and all Leslie, won’t you be embarrassed if Senator Integrity is doing a perp walk out of the Senate just as Marsha is walking in.

  • Misty Pardner says:

    Speculate all you want. But if Trump gives Corker the nod this will a huge blow to Blackburn. Trump could give her a nice gig somewhere to keep her happy.

  • James White says:

    Marsha has No Integrity, if she did, she would vote Constitutionally, but she Doesn’t. WHY ?

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      James, off the top of your head how many of the 535 members of Congress vote “Constitutionally” and while you’re at it, would you please name names of a few?

  • James White says:

    THere are quite a few that vote Better than Neocon State Blackburn. Here in TN I would support Duncan.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      I’m sure Duncan appreciates your support as he enjoys his retirement after the current session of Congress comes to a close. Otherwise it seems that all too few current and prospective members of Congress meet your exacting standards. I’ll stick with Marsha, Mark Green, and Judd Matheny (if he’s still running).

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