County, company settle probation lawsuit for $14.3M

Rutherford County and Providence Community Corrections have settled a class action lawsuit over private probation practices for $14.3 million, reports the Murfreesboro Post. The settlement will compensate nearly 30,000 Tennesseans for fees the company allegedly extorted from probationers.

“This case is a tragic illustration of what happens when for-profit companies are allowed to turn the criminal legal system into a mechanism for making money,” said Civil Rights Corps attorney Elizabeth Rossi.

When PCC took over Rutherford County’s probation system several years ago, rather than receiving a fee from the county, it earned millions in profits annually by requiring payments from low-income people under its supervision. Often this meant having probationers sent to jail because they couldn’t afford to pay its private fees and trapping them in a cycle of debt, endless probation extensions and more jail time, the plaintiffs’ attorneys contend.

…Under the terms of the agreement, which must be approved in federal court, PCC and Rutherford County will put the money into a fund to be used for compensating thousands of people who fell victim to the system. Potential class members will be notified by mail and receive compensation based on the amount of money they paid PCC. Some will be paid based on how long they were kept on probation.

PCC and Rutherford County admit no wrongdoing as part of the settlement in the lawsuit, which Mayor Ernest Burgess describes as a “complex” matter “with a lot of twists and turns.”

“There are some things we’re going to have to change going forward and how we manage misdemeanors coming through the court system, etc.,” Burgess said.

8 Responses to County, company settle probation lawsuit for $14.3M

  • Jennie Young says:

    Every for-profit probation company in the state should be investigated. This has become pandemic in this country and particularly in the South. The Southern Poverty Law Center filed and won so many lawsuits in Alabama that most of them have fled the state because they know they can’t bear scrutiny.

  • Marta C Churchwell says:

    I still think they should be held accountable for how they treated us… 14.3 is not alot of money for 30 thousand people… What about the pain and suffering… I will never forget that dark time in my life…

  • Marta C Churchwell says:

    The security guard had a gun on his hip every time I went to pay fees…I dealt with them over 370 dollars… They locked me up on my sons birthday… Months at a time because I couldn’t pay… So stressed out to the point I was going to the mental health co op… No money for Christmas and all their getting is a slap on the wrist…

  • Marta C Churchwell says:

    Ten years they treated me like this SMH… Finally the mental health place told them to leave me alone and that’s when my fees where finally waived… Call Rutherford county about a month ago because charges where still showing on my background… I’ve worked as a caregiver and a daycare teacher since then… The lady on the phone told me I still owed fees…

  • Marta C Churchwell says:

    How can y’all compensate the time y’all kept us from our kids… If I’m not properly compenstated then I will go to federal court myself and also to nationwide media… This don’t make no sense smh

  • Teresa Jones says:

    Whamat about court fees that they are still charging after over 5yrs now and I had to have a court appointed lawyer because I had no income and I am still paying for the lawyer, probation and court costs. …I can’t even afford my on place to live. …I am living with my grandparents. …this has been going for over 5yrs now…..I work but it all goes to paying these people. …I am low income at property level….what can I do. ….I don’t date, eat out or anything else. ….if I don’t pay I am threatened with jail
    I am afraid to complain so my a aunt is asking these questions

  • Jeremy says:

    From everything I read, this site and others, this company is a nationwide company, paying out to other places they scammed including Rutherford county. I read that PCC is only allocating $350,000 to Rutherford Co. Add the $300,000 that Rutherford is being made to paid, that’s $650,000 total. Divide that by 30,000 people in the lawsuit, that means each person is entitled to $21.66. That’s ridiculous!

  • Derrick holt says:

    When are we getting paid I have called on December 20th they said I had a active claim and check would be mailed out but couldn’t give date or how much it seems we can not win.

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