Former Johnson City mayor challenges Van Huss in House District 6 GOP primary

Former Johnson City Mayor Steve Darden is challenging incumbent state Rep. Micah Van Huss in the House District 6 Republican primary, reports the Johnson City Press.

Darden, now the managing partner of a law firm, served 10 years on the City Commission, from 2001 to 2011. His last two years on the commission was to fill the unexpired term of Phil Roe, who was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2008.

“Tennessee does not end in Knoxville, yet sometimes it seems that we continue to be treated by some in the state capital as if it did,” Darden said. “We need a representative who has what it takes to get things done on the state level. My business background, my law practice and my record of success in the real world and in local leadership show that I can be such a representative.”

Van Huss was first elected to the 6th House District seat in 2012, and is seeking re-election to a fourth term in Nashville. The winner of the Aug. 2 Republican Primary will face Democratic candidate Justin R. Leslie and Murphey Johnson, an independent candidate, in the Nov. 6 general election.

10 Responses to Former Johnson City mayor challenges Van Huss in House District 6 GOP primary

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Please be careful conservatives of the 6 District. Micah Van Huss is a conservative stalwart in the General Assembly while Steve Darden is one of those “I can get things done” candidates who often pop up against conservative incumbents.

    Under such circumstances “I can get things done” is often Republican campaignspeak for “the incumbent is too darn conservative but I don’t want the voters to know that I am a centrist/tepid conservative who can’t wait to get into office so I can compromise with and capitulate to the liberals.” Fortunately, Steve Darden has held public office for a number of years so the voters of the 6th District can get an unusually good measure of this challenger who almost certainly isn’t challenging Micah from the right.

    • Debra Shoun says:

      Maybe Darden won’t challenge Van Huss from the “right” but hopefully he will propose something other than a state gun and book bill. You know, somrthing that might actually help people in the district.

    • Wrent Berry says:

      Micah Van Huss is not a conservative. He’s a right-wing populist, not much in common with actual Reagan-esque conservatism.

      Darden will be a huge upgrade in the General Assembly, and a huge upgrade for conservatism in the Volunteer State.

  • Aaron Fowles says:

    Well, I don’t NORMALLY contribute to Republican candidates, but in this case I might.

  • J P McCoy says:

    Van Huss recently cited The Onion, a well known satirical publication, as a source to back up his claims in the legislative process. The story went viral and was reported here. I’d be less concerned about Van Huss’s conservatism and more concerned with his ability to comprehend the difference between a committee report and an article from Mad Magazine.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      JP, our previous President of the United States of America spoke about the “57 states” of this country and referred to the language of Austria as “Austrian” while my liberal friends were often left breathless by the brilliance of what I regarded as this highly divisive mediocrity. Under the circumstances, I find the miscues of Micah Van Huss, State Representative of the Sixth District of Tennessee quite forgivable.

  • Misty Pardner says:

    Van Huss was mocking the Dreamer Protestors in the Chamber lobby yesterday. Pretty sad and childish behavior for a State Representative.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Not necessarily. Perhaps he was accurately reflecting his constituents’ attitude toward the protestors in which case he was affording his constituents excellent representation.

  • Tommy Ray McAnally says:

    Go Darden. Need to clean out THE HILL. Just don’t turn into one of them when you get there. Anybody but MATHNEY FOR CONGRESS. We legals are dreamers also. People you better think hard about the illegals and anchor baby’s. In twenty years illegals that you are sympathetic for will be taking our jobs,your health care on and on, This is a word of advice and you listen. Example a friend told my 20 years ago when Jimmy Carter deregulated freight the interstates would be a disaster, I didn’t believe him, but guess what he was right. The only reason illegals are still here they are getting everything free and your paying for it. THANK YOUR LEGISLATORS STATE AND FEDERAL.You better wake up and VOTE. By the way vote against the TRANSIT IN NASHVILLE.

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