Giannini part of new TN government/political consulting firm with Memphis as first client

Bill Giannini, a former deputy commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance who unsuccessfully sought election as Tennessee Republican chairman in December, has launched a new consulting firm that, the Nashville Post reports, will “focus on efficient government and performance management” — not lobbying.

Called Resolve Consulting, the firm of the former Haslam appointee and his team will have a mix of public and private clients, with some political consulting on the side… Rachel Selbe is also a principal and the firm’s vice president. Selbe is a former program and policy development director for the state, and she served as an assistant general counsel for the state’s Regulatory Boards Division. Other employees include Emily Janney and Greer Kelly as strategic consultants and Kellee Mannix as a consultant and coach.

Giannini said he doesn’t expect any of his staff to register as lobbyists either, unless, maybe, just the right client comes along.

“If somebody comes to us next year and goes ‘Look, we want you to lobby on behalf of reducing the impact of regulation on an industry,’ that’s going to be something I’m going to look hard at because I care about it. And I want to continue to be involved in deregulating what I think are very burdensome professional licensing rules in our state,” Giannini said.

For now, however, the firm’s first client (at least that Giannini is publicly willing to disclose) is the city of Memphis. Giannini, a Memphis native, said he is working with Mayor Jim Strickland on “strategic alignment of their goals.”

“It’s exciting stuff,” Giannini said. “For me, it kind of fits all the things in, because it’s a little bit political. Government efficiency is political and workforce development is political, and it kind of ties everything in together.”

Later this year Giannini plans to pick up campaign work, possibly in the crowded 2018 gubernatorial field or an expected 15 to 20 open House seats across the state. He said if Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris (R-Collierville) runs, he’d like to help on his campaign, as the two go way back.

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  • cannoneer2 says:

    Resolve might be able to mooch a dollar or two from Tennessee state government by showing Commissioner McPeak where her Nashville office is located.

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