GOP operative trashes TEA school voucher poll

In a memo prepared by the polling firm OnMessage and sent to Republican legislators, veteran GOP political operative Ward Baker seeks to debunk a Tennessee Education Association memo sent to all legislators earlier declaring that its polling shows a majority of Republican voters oppose school vouchers. (The TEA press release is posted HERE.)

The email subject line says “The TEA Poll is Hogwash.” Baker’s introductory remarks:

Like many of you, I had a feeling that the “poll” announced by the teachers union looked sketchy. It is. It’s about as accurate as me saying I have hair like Willie Nelson. (Note: Baker is bald.) The team at OnMessage, Inc., who has a long history of reliable polling in Tennessee and national politics, have put together the attached analysis that explains exactly why it cannot be trusted as a reliable poll. Bottom line: Political scientists, consultants, and polling firms worth their salt know that any poll is useless if you randomly aggregate data over the course of seven months the way that TEA did.

While I was at the NRSC, we used serious pollsters and none of them would sign their name to what the TEA is peddling. They are clearly trying to manipulate legislators for their own agenda with fake polling. The “poll” saying four out of five dentists use Trident is more reliable than this hogwash.

The full memo is available by clicking on this link: tea-memo


4 Responses to GOP operative trashes TEA school voucher poll

  • Teddy and Rosie says:

    Ward is correct. Also how many people were polled in rural school districts where vouchers are not even an issue vs. the urban areas where people are trying desperately to get their children out of failing schools.

  • Jim says:

    What clowns over at the unions. Just union thugs/bosses trying dirty tricks.

  • John Palmer says:

    Glad that the TEA was called out on this ridiculous fake “poll”.

    The union does everything they possibly can to resist change, and they’re willing to chum the waters and deceive legislators. Glad that principled Republicans are standing up to their games.

  • Carol Plasil says:

    I guess I just care too much about the value of strong public schools, and that this great nation was founded on the basis of public school education for all. Luckily, for me, I was inspired to be an educator by having received an excellent education in good public schools, as were my children & grandchildren.

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