Gubernatorial contributions in one handy chart

Here is a look at the gubernatorial campaign finance reports for the second half of 2017, free of the candidates’ press release spin:

Party Candidate From outside sources From self / transfer Spent On hand
R* Beavers $163,947 $0 $51,931 $167,410
R Black $1,739,523 $1,000,000 $987,761 $1,735,523
R Boyd $1,250,326 $2,000,000 $2,663,897 $4,095,658
D Dean $1,245,245 $200,000 $630,933 $1,807,204
D Fitzhugh $304,513 $500,000 $134,733 $681,856
R Harwell $1,186,398 $4,026,204 $160,898 $5,055,115
R Lee $904,743 $908,000 $595,987 $3,744,430

Beavers suspended her campaign this week. Harwell’s total in the “from self” column includes a $3.1 million loan, plus $918,204 in the form of a transfer from her legislative account and a contribution from her PAC.

This post has been updated to reflect $7,850 in returned contributions from the Dean campaign and $9,500 from the Boyd campaign.

7 Responses to Gubernatorial contributions in one handy chart

  • Bob Miles says:

    Look at the Million$ that is going to be spent to be the governor. It’s a shame that a person that is so qualified has to drop out because of money.

    • Karen Bracken says:

      Yes it is. The BEST candidate on the list and the big boys donated their money to their big money friends. That says a lot to me. Money people making sure their rich friends stay in charge to insure more money for the money people.

  • kyle mallory says:

    No question this is a two person race. Beth can’t raise anymore because she is in secession, Lee spent almost everything he raised and the only two that can truly self-fund is Black and Boyd.

  • Karen Bracken says:

    I know no one thinks her a serious candidate but she is a candidate and it taking in donations so why is she not included? Kay White is a candidate. I supported Mae Beavers but I believe Kay’s finances should also be included in this report.

    • Schelzig says:

      There’s nothing to include. Her campaign finance report says she raised zero dollars in 2017 and spent the same amount.

    • Ruth Wilson says:

      That’s a good question, Karen. I notice in the other accounts I read that Kay White’s name wasn’t mentioned. She has qualified to run. Why the “Black out” of a good Conservative Candidate???
      For God & Country

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