Haslam starts budget hearings today after asking recommendations for 2.5 percent cuts

Gov. Bill Haslam begins budget hearings for all major departments and agencies of state government’s executive branch today and they continue through Thursday. As usual under Haslam, each department has been asked to identify where it would implement budget cuts if necessary.

For the coming 2018-19 fiscal year, which will be the final budget prepared by the term-limited governor, the departments and agencies have been asked to identify potential cuts totaling 2.5 percent of discretionary base appropriations. Typically in the past, the actual cuts have been far less than the suggested target figure and the state has enjoyed large surpluses in revenue for the past few years.

As reported in a recent issue of The Tennessee Journal, Finance Commissioner Larry Martin requested cuts of 2%, but the aggregate reduction wound up being 0.7%. Two years earlier, the aggregate cut came to 3.6% after a 7% cut-identifying exercise.

The schedule of hearings, starting with the Department of Children’s Services Monday morning and continuing until the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services on Thursday afternoon, is HERE.

There will also be live video streaming of the hearings HERE and each department’s slide show presentation will be posted at the same website after the presentation, according to the governor’s office.

One Response to Haslam starts budget hearings today after asking recommendations for 2.5 percent cuts

  • Kay White says:

    Tom: I have been bringing up about all of Haslam’s increases in our Budget – approximately 8 Billion in less than 8 years. Perhaps he is getting the word that the people of Tennessee are being made aware and they are not at all happy about this increase in the State Budget. I guess that he thought that the people were too ignorant to notice so with everyone’s busy schedule, I have made it part of my platform to inform our voters what is going on! The cuts would help but as Governor, I would like to know and intend to find out what all the increases were for and to let our people know. This must stop !

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