Healthcare workers refusing a drug test can lose licenses under new law

Gov. Bill Haslam signed into law a bill that will require any healthcare worker who refuses to submit to a drug test or tests positive without a valid prescription to report to a substance abuse peer assistance or treatment program, reports WJHL TV.

The bill (HB1067, as amended) was signed Tuesday, according to the legislative website. It was sponsors by Sen. Rusty Crowe, R-Johnson City, and Rep.  John Holsclaw, R-Elizabethton, and passed both chambers unanimously.

The law allows those battling addiction to complete treatment and then return to work. However, those who don’t fulfill treatment requirements will face suspension of their licenses.

… “This is probably one of the most important bills that the health committee passed this year. It’s going to protect patients,” sponsor Sen. Rusty Crowe (R), TN-District 3, said Tuesday. “It’s going to separate the patient from the practitioner that’s addicted and for the first time, we will now know who they are without having to wait on a complaint, which means somebody’s been hurt.”

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