Jason Emert, narrow loser in 2014 state House race, joins GOP candidate clutter in 2nd Congressional District

Jason Emert, who lost to state Rep. Eddie Smith of Knoxville by 28 votes in the 2014 Republican primary for state House District 13 after a substantially self-funded campaign, has announced as a candidate for the GOP nomination to the 2nd Congressional District seat being vacated by U.S. Rep. John J. “Jimmy” Duncan Jr.

Here’s his campaign press release (followed by the video)

Knoxville, TN – Today, 8th generation East Tennessean and conservative businessman Jason Emert announced his entrance into the race for U.S. Congress in Tennessee’s 2nd District. The seat is open after Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr. announced earlier this year that he would not seek re-election.

Emert announced his campaign by releasing a video to his supporters.

“I’m running for Congress because Washington needs more businessmen and not more career politicians. Folks who will cut taxes, repeal Obamacare, and defend the 2nd Amendment,” said Emert.

“What makes America different is what makes it great: our God-given liberty, endowed by our creator and enshrined in the Constitution.  But that America is threatened today by a failing Washington,” Emert continued. “Career politicians and special interests haven’t put America first. As someone who was born in East Tennessee, attended public school here, got married here and now runs a business here – I won’t go off to Washington and forget about the people I’ve known all my life.”

“I’m a conservative because of where I come from. This place and our values are part of my soul. I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and fight for our way of life. Let’s make Washington work for us again,” concluded Emert.

Notes: Emert is the seventh Republican to declare as a candidate in the district. Presumptive frontrunners are Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett and state Rep. Jimmy Matlock. Others previously announced are Kenneth Gross, Vito Sagliano, Brad Fullington and Mark Whitmire.

Registry of Election Finance reports indicate Emert wrote off about $70,000 in loans to his state House campaign, wherein he outspent Smith considerably in a tight race. Final results: Smith 2,334; Emert 2,306. Emert was late in filing his final campaign financial disclosure after that election. A 2015 post on that is HERE. 

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