Legislator proposes that TN stay on daylight saving time year around

State Rep. Rick Tillis is renewing a push – the last try failed in the House four years ago — to have the legislature make daylight saving time permanent in Tennessee.

From the Commercial Appeal:

“I’ve done two polls, one on Facebook, one on Twitter, and both of them come in right at 89 percent in favor of staying on daylight saving time year around,” he said. “People [would] rather have an hour of daylight in wintertime. They go to work and it’s dark and they come home and it’s dark, and I think a lot of people have expressed how they would like to get out and exercise and spend some time with their kids outdoors after work.”

Tillis introduced a bill (HB1518) that would exempt the State of Tennessee from daylight saving time, a practice adopted in the United States in 1918 where residents roll clocks forward an hour in the Spring. The lawmaker said language from an old measure was used accidentally. Instead, it’s standard time he wants to get rid of. He plans to let the current bill die and introduce the bill with opposite language within the next week.

…Tillis said Sen. Steve Dickerson, R-Nashville, will sponsor the bill in the senate.

Note: Former Rep. Curry Todd, R-Collierville, and Sen. Janice Bowling, R-Tullahoma, sponsored the last such bill in 2014. Previous post on its demise is HERE.

3 Responses to Legislator proposes that TN stay on daylight saving time year around

  • Jimmy Hoffa says:

    An hour longer of daylight in the evening would be very beneficial to the state. More commerce to Tennessee, more time to spend outside, more time with our families. Sounds like a winner bill to me…

  • Troy Rogers says:

    More commerce? That won’t happen, and that makes no logical sense.

  • Ann Woofter says:

    This is the most asinine proposal I’ve ever heard of. People want to get outside to spend more time with their children??? Right!!! Most of them don’t use the time they already have to spend OUTSIDE with their children. The kids are inside SOMEWHERE on computers, cell phones, iPads, any other electronic device they can get their eyes on, or the TV.

    Did anybody ever think about the kids that are standing out in the dark in the morning waiting for school buses? Have you checked the statistics to see how many have been hit by cars? Kidnapped? Molested?? Does any of that matter? One child’s life is worth more than changing the time so that we can have the so-called longer days. Did you ever bother to watch the clock and see how much more daylight you have WITHOUT daylight saving time? It changes anyway. We don’t need to tinker with the time and essentially create a whole new time zone.

    With all the problems we have in this country, things that sincerely need to be addressed, who has time to worry about what time we get up and go to bed?? Really. This is the most ignorant thing I’ve heard of lately. And I’m so sorry that a fellow Republican is pushing for it.

    As far as commerce, that’s baloney, too. People will buy just as much in the dark as they do in daylight.

    Also, have you considered the effect on people’s health to be changing the natural daylight/darkness time frame? It is well-documented that people with heart conditions not only have more difficulty changing from standard time to daylight saving time, but once on daylight saving time, there are very real issues for people with cardiac problems.

    Has anybody talked to the officials in the State of Indiana about why they started DST and decided to go back to standard time? It was costing a fortune.

    Why go forward with this goofball legislation on a whim – without doing any research whatsoever? People do this kind of stuff on a whim and then it comes back to bite them. The old “farmers love it” excuse was used for years when, in fact, the farmers hated it. The cows wake up and go to sleep at the same time every day. They go by the lightness and darkness, not by a clock. That was, again, done because somebody, obviously, didn’t have enough to do.

    You need to rethink this nonsense!!!

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