Matheny running in 6th Congressional District regardless of Black’s reelection decision

State Rep. Judd Matheny of Tullahoma, who had earlier declared he would seek the Republican nomination in the 6th Congressional District if incumbent Rep. Diane Black did not seek reelection, has now announced he’s running regardless of whether Black steps aside to run for governor.

Excerpt from his announcement statement:

As the next Congressman from Tennessee, Matheny will be the only federally elected official to have a full time staff member in Nashville to liaise on a day-to-day basis with the Tennessee General Assembly, during legislative sessions.  This arrangement will help ensure Tennessee and Washington, D.C. are in constant communication and that there is cooperation between the two governing bodies.   Judd Matheny has been delivering the messages and implementing the declared policies of President Trump for over 15 years

… Matheny also believes, along with the voters in the 6th Congressional District, that our Federal Government must not be allowed to dictate Tennessee’s definition of marriage, our bathroom policies or the makings of a school lunch.  Citizens of Tennessee must not be forced to follow distorted ideas of social justice from organizations that actively vow to destroy our conservative way of life by forcing these and similar policies into our daily lives, businesses and institutions.

The full statement is HERE (on Matheny’s new campaign website). Previous post HERE (when he was running only if Black was not.)

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