Politico notes Harold Ford Jr’s 47th birthdaay

It’s former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford Jr.’s 47th birthday and Politico takes note of the occasion. He moved to New York after losing to Bob Corker in the 2006 U.S. Senate race and, among other things, is now a regular commentator on the national TV talk political talk show circuit. Excerpt:

“I got my start watching my dad hold Saturday afternoon office time as a 1st and 2nd term congressman in grocery stores and gymnasiums in Memphis. I was 4, 5 and 6 years old and would go with him every Saturday. He taught me what the core of public service really is — trying to use power and influence to solve the problems of the least and unmighty. To me, that’s what politics is.”

Just guessing, but Corker probably didn’t send a card.

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  • old woman voter says:

    Tennessee would have done well to elect Harold Ford Jr. I met with him several times and found him to be smart, articulate, and aware of the issues. He always asked questions that let me know he was fully aware of the issue, and its complexities, that we were discussing. A loss for Tennessee.

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