POPVOX offers option for communicating with TN legislators

POPVOX, an online outfit set up to allow citizens to get information on bills pending in Congress and send a message of support or opposition to federal lawmakers, is moving to do the same thing for legislation in the Tennessee General Assembly.

The group’s Tennessee website, which went live last week, doesn’t cite any legislation currently, but does offer those signing up for the service (free) a chance to send lawmakers comments on five general topics – criminal justice reform, increasing the state’s gas tax, medical marijuana and TennCare expansion.

Marci Harris, a Lexington, Tenn., native who is co-founder and CEO of the company, promoted the POPVOX efforts in a talk to University of Tennessee students in Knoxville Tuesday and the News Sentinel has a report. An excerpt:

She said the goal, birthed while she was a Congressional staffer, is to lower the barriers of entry for would-be voters. More access means more knowledge.

“The reward of working on something that can, even in a baby step, improve people’s understanding or help them feel empowered or help governing work better it is a pretty great way to spend your day,” she said.

Ideally, she said, more knowledge means more input and more input means lawmakers will hear from constituents more often than outside voices.

Note: The POPVOX website explanation of how the process works is HERE. The legislature’s website, meanwhile, already has an email system in place allowing a direct email to each lawmaker. The email button is to the left of each legislator’s name on the House list of members and the Senate list of members.

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  • Charles Farmer says:


    Marci Harris is a dear friend of mine. I (falsely) claim to be responsible for her success. You should get to know her better.

    – Charles Farmer

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