Pro-Trump super PAC and Club for Growth backing Blackburn

U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn of has been endorsed by two more big conservative political organizations in her run for the U.S. Senate, reports the Nashville Post.

The pro-Trump super PAC Great America Alliance endorsed Blackburn, saying, “The best way to advance the ‘America First’ movement is to hold elected leaders accountable — get on board and get the job done or be replaced by someone who will.”

And the anti-tax, free market 501(c)(4) Club for Growth has also endorsed Blackburn, along with state Sen. Mark Green (R-Ashland City), who officially filed with the FEC on Friday to raise money for a run for Blackburn’s current 7th District Congressional seat.

“Earning a lifetime score of 90 percent on Club for Growth’s scorecard is no easy feat, but it is if you’re a conservative leader like Marsha Blackburn. Despite her time serving in Washington, Marsha has never become ‘of Washington,'” the group said in a press release, noting that it had endorsed Blackburn when she first ran for Congress in 2002.

Blackburn is already getting hit by Democrats after last week’s endorsement by Citizens United.

“It is no surprise that Rep. Blackburn would welcome the support of a dark money organization like Citizens United. She has been in Washington for 16 years doing the bidding of corporate special interests. Tennesseans can now expect to see a wave of negative ads pour into the state with no disclosure of who is paying for them,” said Mary Mancini, Chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party.

However, there’s also likely to be a wave of negative ads from Democrats targeting Blackburn.

3 Responses to Pro-Trump super PAC and Club for Growth backing Blackburn

  • Leslie Parsley says:

    Hopefully, this unsurprising bit of news will cause voters to run in the opposite direction. Tennessee does not need another backward, greedy, hypocritical, racist with questionable ethics representing our state in DC or at home. It’s time to clean the slate and elect candidates who serve all the people of our state with humility, truth and integrity.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Being a liberal in Tennessee must carry with it frustrations that require some source of relief like writing responses that contain wild unsupported and unsupportable allegations against conservative officeholders and candidates. You are correct in one respect, however, as we are now ready to further “clean the slate” of corporatist Republicans because for the first time in memory we have three conservative candidates who are of such high quality that they have received the coveted endorsements from the Washington based Club For Growth (Marsha and Mark Green) and the Freedom Caucus (Judd Matheny).

  • Jerry McDonough says:

    I’m still awaiting Ms. Blackburn’s reason for her DEA Bill. She has been a favorite of mine since her days in Nasshville’s city hierarchy. It helps a lot that the Club for Growth is behind her.

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