Reeves raising and spending more than Carr in Senate District 14 special election

The Republican primary in the special election to succeed Sen. Jim Tracy of Shelbyville is on Thursday. Campaign finance reports show Murfreesboro businessman has raised nearly four times as much from outside sources as former state Rep. Joe Carr of Lascassas.

Reeves reported $170,413 in contributions, plus $150,000 in loans to his campaign. He spent $268,550 and had $51,863 remaining for the final days of the race. Carr reported raised $43,400 and loaned his campaign $100,000. He spent $107,956 and had $47,124 remaining.

Carr’s spending included $21,764 on radio ads, $19,192 on postage, $12,101 on campaign mailers and $11,551 on multi-media. Navigation Advertising was Carr’s top vendor during the period, earning $51,405. The next highest recipient was Gill Media’s $31,764 and campaign worker Rick Williams’ $4,550.

Carr top contributions were $11,800 coming from his own PAC (Joe PAC), $10,000 from the Tennessee Employees Action Movement, $6,000 from the Tennessee Firearms Association. and $2,000 from the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers PAC. The remaining $13,150 came from donations from 15 individuals.

Reeves top contributions were $11,800 from the Jim Tracy Leadership PAC, and $10,000 each from Lt. Gov. Randy McNally’s leadership PAC and the Tennessee Realtors PAC.  Besides McNally, another five current Republican state senators donated to his campaign either personally or through their leadership PACS — Sens. Jack Johnson of Franklin, Delores Gresham of Somerville, Jon Lundberg of Bristol, Brian Kelsey of Germantown and Ken Yager of Kingston. He had a total of 243 donations from individuals or PACs.

Top recipients of Reeves spending included Strategic Media Services, which received $113,348 for broadcast advertising (Reeves has had one TV spot), followed by $50,110 for Murfreesboro creative agency Wax Eloquent and $28,545 for Direct Edge (a direct mail firm). Matt Herriman received $20,000 for campaign work and another $20,000 went for campaign workers.

Note: Most of this post came from Tennessee Journal editor Erik Schelzig, who would have had it up a lot sooner without going through the old guy who was away from the computer most of the day. But Erik will soon be posting directly, thanks to the good technology folk at the office.

5 Responses to Reeves raising and spending more than Carr in Senate District 14 special election

  • Erik Schelzig says:

    The launch codes have been obtained, and I’m now free to trample all over Tom’s blog! First things first, I’ll be updating some posts to add photos and images. It’s a new era!

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    A rather typical Tennessee Republican primary. On the one hand we have centrist Shane Reeves supported by the establishment that knows full well what a great Chamber of Commerce senator Shane can be. On the other hand, we have Joe Carr who will be a great conservative senator who will no doubt at times have a problem getting along and going along with the establishment and their Chamber of Commerce paymasters. As always, it’s up to the Republican voters (along with the Democrats Shane succeeds in getting to vote in the Republican Primary) to choose what type of state senator they want.

  • James White says:

    At least Reeves did not vote for an Article V Constitutional Convention like Carr did. Shame on Carr.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      As a matter of fact since Reeves has never held elective office before he hasn’t voted for anything. He has, however, contributed to the campaigns of Bob Corker, Lamar Alexander, Mitt Romney and has contributed to and endorsed Randy! Boyd for Governor. These contributions and endorsements together with the fact that he has had absolutely no association with any person, place or thing that has any connection to the conservative wing of the Republican Party identifies Reeves as a solid centrist ideologically. Shame on Reeves using his financial advantage to try to fool voters into believing he is a conservative!

  • Kay White says:

    Rise up people of Tennessee and show that you no longer will be bought with money, fancy untruthful television ads, etc. Vote for the person who is the most conservative and will most likely represent your views, not the views of the present administration. Lets show those in control that enough is enough and that Tennesseans are about the issues, not about who has the most money!

    Vote for Kay White for Governor. Remembers, make me your choice and I will be your voice!

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