Regents push hiring of 100 new ‘success coaches’

The state Board of Regents wants $7.1 million to hire 100 new student counselors – or “success coaches” — at Tennessee’s community colleges and technical centers, reports the Kingsport Times-News.

It’s the most expensive of four “priorities” for new money established at a board meeting next week, totaling $14.1 million. Those items are in addition to requests for new capital project spending – the top priority there being a $17.7 million technology building at Columbia State Community College’s Williamson County Campus.

The success coaches, or relational advisers, would work directly with students to help them navigate financial aid, career exploration and problems that arise, complementing the work of faculty and academic advisers, according to TBR spokesman Rick Locker. The goal of the relational advising model is to increase first-year student retention rates and graduation rates.

The Regents requests now go to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission and, if approved there, to the governor for a decision on including them in his next proposed state budget, which will be submitted to the Legislature next year.

Note: The Regents press release on setting its spending priorities is HERE.

4 Responses to Regents push hiring of 100 new ‘success coaches’

  • Henry Walker says:

    The “success coaches” are doing what faculty advisors should be doing. Unfortunately, the TBR has allowed faculty to become increasingly AWOL–teaching classes via internet, having “virtual” office hours, and at least on one campus, cancelling Friday classes altogether. When the faculty is not on campus, there is less interaction with students. Retention and graduation rates suffer. The solution is not to spend more money hiring “coaches” but to make better use of the faculty you already have. But I don’t think TBR has the backbone to do that.

  • Junelandrum says:

    Hi rick. You left without letting us know. Missed you at the last statemen dinner asked Andy about you. Guess he thought we knew where you had landed but we didn’t. Congrats I guess hope your enjoying

  • Linda says:


    I hope and pray that YOU are not teaching any place in Tennessee. I guess it is okay to be illiterate if you are a Dem.

  • Charles says:

    $71,000 per year to be a “success coach”. Not a bad gig if you can get it.

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