Rep. Holt pays traffic camera tickets with Monopoly money

News release from state Rep. Andy Holt

NASHVILLE, Feb. 16, 2017– On Thursday, Tennessee State Rep. Andy Holt (R-Dresden) took to Facebook Live where he paid two traffic camera tickets with Monopoly money and a photographed image of a $50 bill. On one of the payments, Holt wrote “In the spirit of justice,” before sending it off to processors. Holt says he did the video in an effort to raise awareness for new legislation, aimed at traffic cameras, he’s introducing along with Senator John Stevens (R-Huntingdon) and Senate Transportation Chairman Senator Paul Bailey (R-Sparta). (Note: The video is HERE.)

“Cities across the state, in concert with photo-enforcement companies, continue to skirt the law and take advantage of our taxpayers, and I won’t rest until everyone knows the truth about this,” says Holt.

The proposed legislation will require all unmanned traffic cameras be used only from a marked police car with the lights blazing, and will require the suspect to be pulled over by the law enforcement officer operating the manned photo-enforcement device.

“Every traffic camera proponent I’ve talked to says it’s all about safety, yet we have unmarked cars with cameras hidden inside of them which do absolutely nothing to slow a driver down,” said Holt. “It’s entrapment, plain and simple. You know what does slow a speeding vehicle down? A marked police car on the side of the road. Therefore, I don’t expect any resistance to this proposed legislation, since it is about safety, after all.”

The legislation will also have other elements. One such element is to require all communications to a violator expressly state that non-payment of the citation cannot affect your credit score, driver’s license or car insurance rates.

“We already passed this law last year, but cities continue to knowingly ignore state law in order to collect more money from people,” says Holt. “They are also issuing citations that say ‘PAYMENT IS REQUIRED BY LAW’, well, that’s not true and the cities know it’s not. Traffic violations fall under criminal statute within state law, and there is no state law on the books saying you have to pay a traffic camera citation disguised as a civil violation. Also, by saying payment is required, the citation assumes you’re guilty when you haven’t been found guilty of anything. The legislation will outlaw this predatory language.”

Holt says the proposed legislation has been met with warm reception by many Tennessee lawmakers.

“There’s a lot of support for these proposals. When the Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, which will hear the legislation, carries the bill you know there’s broad support,” says Holt. “Tennesseans are tired of being manipulated by their government and legislators are starting to understand that.”

Holt says one of his biggest problems with traffic cameras is how they incite disrespect towards law enforcement.

“Not only are citizens victims of this practice, but law enforcement agents are as well, and I want people to know that,” says Holt. “Police are employed by city governments. Government officials tell them what to do. It’s unfortunate to see how many people get upset with police officers over these cameras. It’s not their fault. Trust me, I have received hundreds of phone calls from law enforcement officers who say they want these things gone, but cannot speak out in fear of losing their job. People do not need to be upset with police. They need to be upset with politicians who make the laws police are tasked with enforcing.”

Holt did a similar video last session which went viral and gained national attention where he burned a traffic camera ticket.

40 Responses to Rep. Holt pays traffic camera tickets with Monopoly money

  • Norma Shirk says:

    If Rep. Holt was a private citizen, he’d already be under arrest and subject to significant additional court costs for burning his tickets and failing to timely pay them. Why doesn’t he just man up and pay the traffic tickets AND obey traffic laws like a real citizen of this state? Move on! There’s lots more important issues facing this state than traffic cameras.

    • Tommy says:

      You cannot be arrested for failure to pay these tickets. You need to learn what you’re talking about before you comment.

      • Firm citizen says:

        Americans have the right To face their accuser. The cameras are not manned, nor are they legal. Many Americans fought for the freedoms and laws of this country, and saying pay, or tell us who was driving the car if you were not. Is not what they fought for. Also note it is reviewed in a different state, no jurisdiction, and it is up to the state to prove its case not the accused. Innocent until proven guilty. No signature of violation, no proof of driver.

    • Ronald Legans says:

      these tickets are not legal. no name, no dl number no signature, no nothing, and you can’t even go into court and say I did not do this, show me the proof. Andy Holt has not done anything wrong, he is trying to show people just how crocked the city system is.

    • Real Citizen says:

      Norma: It’s Hillary loving clueless sheep like you that make it hard on the rest of us “real citizens”.

    • Court costs? There’s no court — it’s CIVIL VIOLATION, that’s the whole point. Please educate yourself.

    • John Doe P. F. S. says:

      Most cameras take pictures of all lanes stopped and no cars moving. Haven’t paid mine in two yrs. they don’t go on insurance and nothing been said to us. But many drive my truck so I’m not paying for what I don’t owe.

    • Gary says:

      There isn’t a court in the nation that would prosecute these money rip-off schemes, Before you can be found guilty of a crime you have the right to confront your accuser. “Hello, Camera. Do you have a problem with my driving? What is your badge number and who is your supervisor. What’s a matter, camera… Cat got your tongue?”

    • Paul Thomas Watts says:

      Dont you know that this is a way for ppl to fight for there rights in the united states of america and against cheesey politician loving law breakers like yourself

    • Janes says:

      Norma Norma Norma when you gone learn to check the laws before you p[ost

  • Linda says:

    Why doesn’t he man up? Remember, he is the pig farmer who let pig waste get into bodies of water in West Tennessee and then tried to shut down the state EPA that was investigating him. Real men don’t poison the water supply or refuse to pay traffic tickets. He is a pompous prick!

  • Deb Coughlan says:

    He is correct that it is a vehicle that is being photographed. There is not a person being ticketed. I heartedly agree with his method as it violates a driver’s ability to follow laws.

  • Ronald Legans says:

    Think about what you are saying, is what Holt did , or did not do any worse than a town running the drain line from their city sewer two miles and empting into the middle fork of the Obion river. where Holts dam broke it did not go into a moving stream of water. you must live some where in a perfect little town, where nothing goes wrong.

    • Tommy says:

      Downtown Nashville has combined sewers. What that means is sewage and storm water use the same drains. So, when it rains a lot, the sewage treatment plant can’t handle the volume, so it all goes in the Cumberland River. This uproar over what Holt may have done is nothing more than faux outrage.

  • Gary says:

    Holt and Other Law Makers like him are a disgrace to Tennessee. EVERY camera violation is reviewed by a police officer before the ticket is sent out by the company that owns and maintains the equipment. Tax Payers pay for the Officer to review the ticket only. The cameras and upkeep cost tax payers nothing. The registered owner of the car is responsible for his vehicle regardless of who was driving unless it has been stolen. He/She can always designate the true driver as the one to get the fine. The owner also has the right to have a court hearing on the matter also and every ticket issued has instructions on how to do so. If you do not break the law it will never cost you a dime. Simple solution do not break the law. Also these tickets do not go on your driving history or effect your insurance. Holt and his buddies have made it almost impossible buy creating double standards to know what the truth is regarding these tickets and he may have broken the law by paying with countierfit funds and should be prosecuted for doing so.

    • Tommy says:

      It’t not the place of private citizens to do the job of the cops. My wife got a ticket when I was driving her car. She wasn’t even in the county at the time. The ticket says it’s her responsibility to tell the cops who was driving if she wasn’t. Let’s say there is a murder committed. Should the cops just arrest some random person and say, “you’re guilty of this, but if you tell us who did, we’ll let you go”. How do you think that would go over?

      • Erin says:

        This just happened to me. My husband was driving my vehicle and went through a light that was changing (we watched) the video. I was t driving and I’m not paying the ticket. How did this work out for you guys?

        • J B says:

          I just received a ticket in the mail. I am not a Tennessee resident. On the trip there were three of us driving different stretches of the long trip and I don’t know who was driving – and can’t figure it out for sure.

          If I do not pay – what happens? Other than continued notices and perhaps collection agencies spamming me – can anything happen? Can not paying affect my license plate renewal in my State (not Tennessee?) I like to spend my money as I drive through Tennessee – but I don’t want to send extortion money to a for profit company who makes most of this money for spying on my car and alleging i was speeding on an empty road with a sudden drop in speed limit on a huge 4 lane highway!?!

          Can anyone who has refused to pay (particularly out of state residents – not living under Tennessee law) tell me what happens 3,6,12 months later? Any affects? Any real consequences from some collection agency trying to get the money? If I ever get pulled for speeding in Tennessee can an officer pull this up? I wouldn’t think so since the speed camera ticket can’t prove who was driving.

          • Janes says:

            nothing will happen just more crying letters they will finally give up.

          • Tom says:

            Nothing will happen, they may try with a phone call or two from a fake attorney firm who are acting as collectors, but in the end nothing will happen. Throw it away!

    • Rebecca says:

      No signature = no contract. Its that simple There is a reason you sign a traffic ticket. That’s the law, follow it. The reason these tickets do not effect insurance, etc, Is because they are unlawful and the companies that provide these ‘tickets’ know it. They hope you are uninformed of the law. It is a scam, fall for it if you want to. Another aspect of this scam is the increase in accidents at intersections.

    • Greg says:

      Actually Gary, your comment is exactly the reason thses cameras should be illegal and possibly unconstitutional. These cameras are owned and kept by a for profit company. A for profit company had absolutely NO law enforcement power yet these cameras give them the such power. The police do check the photos but have no way of knowing the accuarcy of the equipment or the tickets. I don’t know about you, or anyone else, but I’m not happy with for profit being able to convict me of an offense for their profit margins.

    • P O says:

      The camera company employees pre-screen all the footage. It’s an outright violation of state law. The state statute specifically says that only certified law enforcement can view the footage. Not some employee of a camera company in a third world country. The state attorney general ruled on that in one opinion and then twisted it in another. If someone would file a class action, there might be millions of dollars to be recovered.

    • Tracy says:

      Holt is the opposite of a disgrace. He is empowering the people with knowledge and combatting greed and tyranny. If you were a tattletale who never made hall monitor in school, or if you are a fatcat leech sucking on the teet of hard working people, then I could see how you might feel he is a disgrace.

  • Concerned Citizen says:

    How about let’s not speed in our neighborhoods so there will be no need to deal with any of this bologna? I have never had to deal with a ticket from one of these cameras and if our good old Mr. Holt would break the law and speed we wouldn’t see him acting like a 6 year old paying these tickets with Monopoly money.

  • Phillip says:

    My ex got one my car in Union City and I was driving her car but it was my name. If police are reviewing these tickets they would obviously have seen it was a female driving and I was nowhere in the vehicle. I paid mine but I wont in the future 😂

  • Quilla says:

    I received one in the mail years ago. It had a picture of my tag. It had a picture of me going thru the light and it turning red. It had like 3 different views. No I didn’t try to fight it. I was guilty. I think the lights are good. And helpful. Made me slow down after that. Keep them up. Make people pay for speeding.

  • George Sanders says:

    I live in Milan, TN. I work in Jackson, Tn. In between Jackson and Milan is a town called Medina. On the bypass around Medina is where one of these cameras are at. Mr. Holt is telling the truth when he talks about them doing nothing for safety. Everyone knows whee this camera is and when approaching it most people slow down to the speed limit until they pass it, then they go back to speeding. I have also seen people fly through and the camera flashes and takes their picture only to be pulled over by a patrol car and receive a second ticket for the same offense. This is not fair for them. They are targeting vehicles not people.

  • Brian lafontaine says:

    Are you rep or dem?watch the andy griffith show where barney tickets the gov. U might learn about honasty

  • Ben Davis says:

    The entire point of Rep Holt posting these videos is that this is not a law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You cannot break a law, when there is not a law to break!!! So instead of talking out of the side of your mouths about him needing to man up and pay the tickets because he broke the law, why don’t you look a little more into the point the man is trying to make. TRAFFIC CAMS ARE NOT LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bobby Myers says:

    What about they new radars gun that the police departments are using now that the policemen are checking for speeders if you are over the limit it take a picture of your license plate and they mail it to you is there a difference since a live person doing it they are not pulling you over just sending you a ticket this is in the city of Brownsville thanks

  • ronald legans says:

    this camera thing has been going on for ever, it is not for safety, only money, go and ask any police officer to see their traffic ticket book, it reads name, address, dl number, car location, crime, and a place for you to sign also a place that the officer that is writing it to sign and you agree to either pay it, or go into court to defend yourself. the person writing it signs that they will be in court. try to get court date set for one of these tickets. the bad thing about these camera tickets are that when they were outlawed, they should have been stopped once and for all. the next thing is the city has a contract, with the company, that contract ran out at a certain time and they should not been able to extend that contract as it was not legal.

  • Billy Hardy says:

    The City of Cleveland, Ohio had these cameras. I personally know a man who was ticketed for going one mile an hour over the speed limit (26-mph). The citizens got tired of being ripped-off and got enough signatures to get this issue put on a ballot. During the general election, cameras were voted out. The only legal way they can be used now is to have a policeman posted at the camera.

  • Peter says:

    In our little town we have cameras but what is not fair is it does not ticketed 18 wheelers and that is the problem

  • Bob Brandy says:

    Just got one in the mail from a city called Bradford ? ? in west Tn on a hwy 45 ? Never ever been within 200 miles of that place , couldn’t find it if I had to . Wrong color and wrong year model vehicle . Tag pic is super blurry .

    We were at work that day and live 6 + hours away in southeast Tn . WTF ?

  • Sal capua says:

    My family has gotten several tickets in Bradford, I believe it is a way for them to generate income to pay for their police department. I got a ticket there going 57 mph on a 55 mph, just 2 Miles over the limit. Now they have an old truck with an old guy sitting in it all day long, I see the truck every time I go to Jackson.i am not even sure he is a policeman. When you get the ticket it says an officer was in the vehicle. I believe he is setting there taking pictures or warning police of speeders, so the police can hide and then go and get the driver. The sad thing is that he is parked about 200 feet from the 65 mph sign, so when you see the sign you begin to speed up and that is when you get the ticket (TALK ABOUT ENTRAPMENT). I saw the sign on the picture when I got the 57 mph ticket. Someone needs to investigate how many tickets they have issued in that area and expose the monopoly they have. An overpass or light would fix that problem but it is not going to happen, they generate too much money. Because of all of those traffic lights and speed traps, I have made it a Point not to spend a single dime for gas or anything else along hwy 45 between Martin and Jackson. I think everyone else should do the same until they stop or elim8nate those cameras. That hwy was a waste of taxpayer money, it was suppose to speed up traffic to Jackson not slow it down. Driving to Jackson is a nightmare, speed up slow down every 5 miles, frustrating is an understatement.

  • tim says:

    i got a ticket from jonesborough tn a month or so ago and since i read about it being against the law i did not pay it got another reminder ticket letter in the mail today says pay $50 by april 4th required by law then sayscannot affect your credit or report,lecense or insurance so no reason to pay it especially when tenn lawmaker says not to pay them they are ellegle. however it says failure to respond by 4/4/17 will result in you found responsible for the violation along with referral to cocction agency for full amount of the fine plus an additional $38.75 late fee. but ticket clearly says it wont affect your credit but i dont understand says they will turn it over to collection agency and that will affect your credit and score,can anyone tell me how it dont affect credit if they giving it to collection agency. thanks i would of paid it but been hard i dont feel guilt lights change at times as you go through them and cant slam the breaks especially on wet roads,it shows video of car going though light it was rental car and rental compnay told them i was the only driver assigned to the car.

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