Rep. Jimmy Eldridge will run for Jackson mayor instead of reelection in House District 73

After nearly 16 years representing state House District 73, Republican state Rep. Jimmy Eldridge announced Friday he will not seek reelection and instead will seek election as mayor of Jackson in 2019, reports the Jackson Sun.

“I was born over on College Street but military raised in the Air Force and lived all over the world,” Eldridge said. “But Jackson is my home. I finished high school here and college at Lambuth College.

“I got my graduate degree at the University of Memphis, so I have ties to both schools that have been on that campus. I love Jackson and never have plans of moving. I want to help it go forth and improve the quality of life here.”

… Current Jackson City Mayor Jerry Gist confirmed in an interview earlier this week with The Sun reporter Omer Yusuf that he is not running for re-election next year.

“Jerry is a good friend of mine who’s done a great job in Jackson,” Eldridge said. “I wouldn’t have run if he were running.

“With him not running, I think this is a place where I can continue to serve the city and people of Jackson, and I hope my record in the house will show what I’m willing to do for Jackson.”

Eldridge is the first to announce his candidacy with a little more than 14 months remaining before the election. He said he plans to continue working in the state house until his term is complete in November.

“There’s still plenty of work to be done there, and I plan to try to get as much done as we can before I’m finished there,” said Eldridge, who’s the chairman of the House Consumer and Human Resources committee as well as a member of the Calendar and Rules Committee and Local Government Committee.

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