State House GOP has a ‘rebranding’ and new logo

Press release from House Republican Caucus


(NASHVILLE) — House Republican Caucus Chairman Ryan Williams (R-Cookeville) today announced a statewide rebranding initiative — including a new logo and video — which recaps the successes Tennessee has experienced in recent years, thanks to the efforts of House Republicans.

This initiative tells Tennessee’s successful story under Republican leadership. It also creates a new energy for supporters who are looking to spread the party’s message in an effort to grow  support in communities across our state. Additionally, this rebranding epitomizes the conservative roots of House Republicans, as well as our commitment to Tennessee’s values, and our work in order to advance our state.

“We are extremely excited about the progress we have made as our state’s majority party over the past seven years,” said Chairman Williams. “By supporting sensible initiatives that promote job growth, reduce taxes, advance the educational goals and dreams of our citizens, uphold Tennessee’s Second Amendment Rights and protect our state’s unborn children, Tennessee is thriving.”

Under Republican leadership, Tennessee experienced record low unemployment in September of 2017. Our current unemployment rate is 3.2 percent, almost one percent lower than the national average.

The Republican-led General Assembly has also cut nearly three times as much in taxes as any other Administration and General Assembly in state history over the last 7 years.

Additionally, Tennessee has the lowest debt per capita, lowest overall taxes, no transportation debt, and the lowest interest rate in state recorded history. House Republicans have also more than doubled the state’s savings account (Rainy Day Fund) since 2011, and the fund is now at its highest level ever ($800 million).

Recently, WalletHub ranked Tennessee the number 1 state to be a taxpayer, based on our conservative monetary decisions, our low tax structure, and other key fiscal indicators. Other studies rank us similarly.

Because of House Republican leadership, our students are also the fastest improving in the entire country, and we are the first state to offer all kids and adults access to community college free of tuition and fees. We’ve done all of this without raising taxes.

“I am proud of our accomplishments, and I am excited that the citizens of our state want to help us spread the word about the work we are doing here in Nashville so that Tennessee remains an attractive destination for business and for families,” Williams concluded.

To view the new House Republican Caucus logo and video, please visit:

3 Responses to State House GOP has a ‘rebranding’ and new logo

  • Julie and Johnny Erwin says:

    It’s our hope that you will continue to provide healthcare, improve education opportunities, veterans affairs, reduce use of firearms by persons with criminal records and mentally unstable. Work to bring more jobs, keep our cities safe and improve the infrastructure. Way more important causes to work on. We don’t approve of your efforts to discriminate and diminish the lives of our LGBTQ citizens. There is NO need to fear our vetted refugees. Let’s celebrate the many diverse ways they might contribute. We want Tennessee to be the Welcome State…good for all of us. And will bring in even more businesses, and visitors, and our economy will prosper.

  • Carrie Russell says:

    Who is paying for the advertising/marketing costs associated with “rebranding”? Not taxpayers, I hope…

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