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Lee reserves $2.2M worth of TV ad time for June through Aug. 2 GOP gubernatorial primary

Williamson County gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee has reserved $2.2 million worth of TV time to run campaign ads from June through the Aug. 2 Republican primary, reports Joel Ebert.

Although the spots are still months away from hitting the airwaves, Lee has reserved $1.1 million in ads to air on local broadcast stations in Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, the Tri-Cities area and throughout West Tennessee, including Memphis and Jackson, as well as Paducah, Kentucky.

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Boyd spends $500K on TV ad running during Olympics

Press release from Randy Boyd campaign

Nashville, Tenn. — Just in time for the Olympics, Randy Boyd, Republican candidate for Governor, released a new ad entitled “Grit” highlighting the American Dream and his rise from factory worker and first-generation college student to successful entrepreneur and founder of Radio Systems Corporation.

The $500,000 statewide broadcast and cable TV buy will air on Friday, Feb. 9 during the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics and will continue through the Closing Ceremonies on Sunday, Feb. 25….

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Blackburn reserves $1 million worth of ad time on Fox News

Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s U.S. Senate campaign has reserved $1 million worth of ad time on Fox News between April 27 and the primary election on Aug. 2.

Campaign adviser Ward Baker says in a memo that it was key to reserve the premium statewide inventory during the 14-week ad run now because of the crowded field of candidates in the governor’s race and various congressional contests will drive up demand for limited airtime.

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Black TV ad: Stand up for national anthem and veterans


Press  release from Diane Black campaign

Nashville, Tenn. – Today, Diane Black released a new TV ad, “Patriotic” that will air during the Super Bowl pregame show. The ad comes after the NFL rejected a program insert from American Veterans (AMVETS) urging Super Bowl attendees to stand for the national anthem.

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Blackburn radio ad: ‘I stand for our veterans, the president and the Star Spangled Banner’

Republican Senate candidate Marsha Blackurn’s campaign is running a radio ad wherein the current U.S. representative urges people to stand up when the national anthem  is played as a show of respect for military veterans.

“I’m Marsha Blackburn and I stand for our veterans, the president and the Star Spangled Banner, “ she declares in the one-minute ad, which can be heard HERE.

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Lee launches first statewide TV ad of gubernatorial campaign

Williamson County businessman Bill Lee, who polling indicates has the lowest name recognition among major Republican candidates for governor,  has become the first with a statewide television advertising campaign. The one-minute ad, entitled “Why,” is aimed at introducing the candidate to voters and is scheduled to run for a week starting on Saturday. The ad features footage of Lee farm and the candidate talking about the death of his first wife, the Lee Company that he runs and concludes with the declaration:

“Can I make life better for every person in this state? I believe I can. I’m sure going to try.”


Anonymous robocall bashes Burchett over reported FBI investigation

A Tuesday night robocall to some Knox County residents slammed Knox County Mayor and Second Congressional candidate Tim Burchett over reports that he faces an FBI investigation, reports the News Sentinel. The automated call came from a number used by the Farragut Press, though Publisher Tony Cox says the publication had nothing to do with the call.

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New PAC’s radio ad bashes ‘Dishonest Diane Black’

A political action committee recently registered in Tennessee is running radio ads attacking “dishonest Diane Black” as a gubernatorial candidate, contending she “steered millions of dollars in no bid, state contracts to her husband’s company.”

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Reeves TV ad in Senate District 14: ‘Will fight for the Trump agenda in TN’

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Club for Growth ad bashes ‘the Fincher who taxed Christmas’

Club for Growth, which is backing U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn for the Republican nomination to a U.S. Senate seat, bashed her primary opponent, former U.S. Rep. Stephen Fincher, as “the Fincher who taxed Christmas” in this digital ad. It’s produced by CFG Tennessee, a PAC recently set up as a Club affiliate to support Tennessee candidates for federal office.

Text of the ad’s narrator:

The Christmas Tree! The symbol of the Season! The target of the taxman?

Yes, boys and girls, in 2013 President Obama proposed a tax on Christmas trees.

And do you know who backed the Obama Christmas tree tax?

Congressman Stephen Fincher, that’s who.

True!  Your old Congressman is . . . the Fincher Who Taxed Christmas.

Tell Stephen Fincher higher taxes are naughty, not nice.