Don Sundquist

Don Sundquist endorses Marsha Blackburn

Press release from Marsha Blackburn campaign

Brentwood, TN –  Today, former Governor Don Sundquist endorsed Marsha Blackburn for U.S. Senate. His endorsement is another clear sign that Tennesseans are rallying behind Blackburn for Senate.

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Sundquist: It’s ‘imperative’ that elected Republicans back Trump

While Gov. Bill Haslam has publicly repudiated Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, former Gov. Don Sundquist is taking an opposite stand.

Here’s a statement the former Republican governor emailed to media Friday:

It is imperative that all Republicans, and particularly elected Republicans, support our nominee for President on Election Day. I do not believe our country can survive an extension of the Obama presidency, which is exactly what electing Hillary Clinton will be.  Moreover, a Hillary Clinton Supreme Court will set this country on a course from which we may never recover. I, too, am disgusted by some of what I have seen Donald Trump say, but none of it compares to the malicious, unscrupulous and perverse corruption of the Clintons.

Haslam on Sunday declared that he will not vote for Trump and instead write in another Republican name for president on election day. Elaborating a bit on Thursday, WPLN reports the governor said he believes his move was for the good of the Republican party.

“We struggle already with women, with minorities and with young people, and we’re on a track where we’re not helping that. Having said that, I have real concerns about Hillary Clinton as president,” Haslam said.

… The governor declined to say whether other Republicans should do the same. So far, in Tennessee, Haslam remains a lone voice among GOP officials. But he says Republican voters should make sure to cast their ballots, regardless of who they support.

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