Allan Ramsaur leaving as executive director of TN Bar Association

News release from Tennessee Bar Association

Effective the first of the year Allan Ramsaur, long-time executive director of the Tennessee Bar Association, will begin stepping back from day-to-day responsibilities for administration of the association.  He will assist in the search for and transition to a new executive director for the association and will assume the role of emeritus director. In that new role, he  will continue to answer to the TBA Board and represent the association in governmental affairs and court administration issues, work on issues in ethics and professional responsibility, develop policy, oversee financial administration and focus on important strategic initiatives in continuing legal education, technology and evolving legal markets for the TBA and the foundation until full retirement in June of 2018. The TBA will immediately begin a search for a new executive director.

“You would be hard pressed to find an individual who has done more to advance our profession, promote access to justice, and facilitate an understanding of the legal profession in the past 20 years.  We are eternally grateful for Allan’s dedication and skill in leading the association,” said TBA President Jason Long.

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