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Nashville mayor’s office releases statement on travel amid affair

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry’s office has released a lengthy statement addressing media questions about travel with her police bodyguard with whom she was having an extramarital affair. Spokesman Sean Braisted said the mayor paid for her own hotels and meals on the occasions she spent extra days in cities she was traveling to, but that the city covered the costs for her bodyguard.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Multiple media outlets have requested documents and asked questions related to the travel schedule of Mayor Megan Barry and Sgt. Rob Forrest. Below is a statement from Mayor Barry’s Communications Director, Sean Braisted, outlining the facts and information as best we know them at this time. We will continue compiling information and documents as requested and release them to media in a timely fashion:

“We appreciate the patience of the media and public as we have been working to compile information and records that have been requested by the media. We wanted to get the information out as quickly as possible but also as accurately as possible, and that has taken some time.

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