Teleconference call begins Berke Senate campaign?

Democrat Andy Berke touted his accomplishments as Chattanooga mayor as he promoted a potential run for the U.S. Senate to about 60 people in a teleconference call Sunday, reports the Times Free Press.

“I wouldn’t be thinking about it unless I thought this was a race that could be won,” Berke said. “It’s going to take effort. No one would say I would be the favorite in the race.”

Still, Berke added, “there are voters who haven’t been motivated, who’ve been sitting on the sidelines.” Moreover, he believes there may be “some on the other side who may be worried by what they’ve seen.”

If he does decide to run, Berke added, “we’re going to run the race to win.”

…Berke said that as events unfold under Republican President Donald Trump and a GOP-controlled Congress, “I think people are worried about the future” because “none of it looks particularly positive.”

But he said Democrats are “going to get nowhere in this state without offering an alternative” and ensuring Tennesseans “go to the ballot box with a legitimate choice.”

He touted his mayoral achievements, ranging from pushing for a property tax break for seniors to working with major employers, striving to make the city more livable and attractive and pressing to help all Chattanoogans.

“I’m ready to show people my record,” Berke said.

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