Two quickly announce as GOP candidates in Senate District 14, vacated by Tracy

Former state Rep. Joe Carr of Lascassas, who unsuccessfully ran for the U.S. Senate in 2014 and for the 6th Congressional seat in 2016, has announced as a candidate for the Republican nomination in the state Senate District 14 seat vacated by Jim Tracy. So has Shane Reeves, a Murfreesboro businessmen.

Their initial news releases are below.


News release from Shane Reeves campaign (updated from original post)

Murfreesboro, TN, November 7, 2017 –– Murfreesboro business owner, Shane Reeves, announced today his candidacy for the 14th State Senatorial District as a Republican candidate in the upcoming special election to fill the vacant seat.

“As a 7th generation Tennessean, I’ve spent my whole life here raising a family, opening businesses, and creating jobs,” said Reeves. “I genuinely love the people of Tennessee, and I believe that conservative values, strengthening families, and rethinking healthcare will make for an unstoppable Tennessee.”

Reeves was previously the co-owner of Reeves-Sain Drug Store and currently owns TwelveStone Health Partners where he employs 125 people in Rutherford County. He plans to use his years of experience in the private sector to bring a business approach to solving problems in Tennessee.

“I have been blessed over the years by adhering to conservative business principles, which have uniquely equipped me to be a problem solver.” said Reeves. “Now, I want to use those same guiding principles and my experience as a business owner to cut through the red-tape that often hinders the growth and potential of small businesses. My desire is to use my experience running successful businesses in healthcare to come up with conservative solutions for our healthcare crisis.”

Reeves was raised in Rutherford County by his late mother, Carolyn Reeves, a school teacher, and father, Richard Reeves, a small business man, city councilman and former mayor of Murfreesboro. “Family has had a huge role in my life,” said Reeves. “Watching my own parents devote themselves to the community, I knew that I wanted to be the same type of servant leader.”

Reeves has been highly active in his community, having served as chairman for the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce, president of Leadership Rutherford, board member of Leadership Middle Tennessee, and chairman for Tennessee’s National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). Reeves has also given back through his involvement in the Blue Raider Athletic Association, Alzheimer’s Association, American Heart Association, and the American Cancer Society.

Reeves is honored to serve as deacon at North Boulevard Church of Christ in Murfreesboro where he and his wife, Amanda, attend with their three children, Will, Jack, and Emma-White.

“The people can count on me for honesty, kindness, and integrity,” said Reeves. “They can expect me to be a listener who upholds the values I grew up with – faith, family, and freedom.”

For additional information about Shane Reeves, please visit

News release from Joe Carr campaign

LASCASSAS, TN (November 6, 2017) – Today, Former State Representative Joe Carr formally announces his candidacy to represent Tennessee’s 14th Senate District of the Tennessee General Assembly.

Joe Carr stated, “Tennessee has a great opportunity to assist President Trump in making America Great Again. To do that Tennessee needs to lead the way in removing unnecessary rules and regulations, enforcing the rule of law with those who enter our state illegally, supporting values that protect the life of the unborn, the protection of our Second Amendment Rights and, of course, the demonstrated willingness to fight for Tennessee’s Sovereignty from an ever-expanding federal government. Specifically, we are going to need men and women in the Tennessee State Senate with the proven experience to STAND FIRM with Tennessee’s Working Families.”

Elected to the State House in 2008, Joe Carr served for six years in the Tennessee General Assembly before retiring in 2014 to run in the Republican Primary for the U.S. Senate against Senator Lamar Alexander. Joe Carr has always been at the forefront in the fight to protect our “Life, Liberty and Property.” Carr wrote and passed the nation’s first “No Sanctuary City Law”, wrote and passed some of the nation’s toughest illegal immigration laws, was lead sponsor on the Tennessee Captive Insurance Law creating hundreds of Tennessee jobs and sponsored legislation disallowing those who were convicted of drug offenses from receiving welfare benefits.

“Tennesseans across the state have grown accustomed to my ability to lead the fight when the fight is right. Whether it was in the Tennessee General Assembly or taking on the establishment in Washington D.C., when I ran against Lamar Alexander in 2014 getting over 271,000 votes and coming within single digits. I have always responded by defending Tennessee’s values and principles”, stated Joe Carr.

Joe Carr has been a resident of Rutherford County for almost 50 years. He and his wife Ginny have lived on their family farm of 90 acres in Lascassas, TN for the last 22 years. Joe and Ginny are the proud parents of: Joe Jr., Maddie, Erin and her husband Jaston, with their grandson Colby. Joe is currently semi-retired after having built and sold two engineering companies. Joe has been a member of the Republican Party for over 40 years.

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6 Responses to Two quickly announce as GOP candidates in Senate District 14, vacated by Tracy

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Joe has been a conservative stalwart during his six years in the state house and in his campaigns against liberal Lamar Alexander and tepid conservative Diane Black. Mr. Reeves has been a businessman whose politics are to be revealed sometime in the future apparently supported by no record in elected office. For conservatives, Joe Carr is the obvious choice.

  • Misty Partner says:

    Joe Carr, perennial candidate looking for another government job.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Misty, if you and/or I would bestir ourselves to run for office, get elected, and establish a record as an ardent, articulate conservative advocate then Joe wouldn’t have to run for office so often. Unfortunately, few do so thankfully Joe does.

  • Colonel Jackson says:

    Yes, it’s our fault that career politician Joe Carr keeps on running for office. I think the voters have spoken on Joe Carr, over and over and over again.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Joe’s first experience in elected office occurred when he was elected to the state house when he was fifty years old. It’s all a matter of definition, of course, but I think Joe was perhaps a bit old for him to now be regarded as a “career politician.”

      Joe is an ardent conservative who ran against two entrenched politicians, a liberal and a tepid conservative. Conservatives believed that Lamar Alexander and Diane Black needed a conservative opponent, and there was no other conservative with a record in elected office willing to undertake the rather daunting task. For this Joe should be lauded rather than criticized. As to the choice the voters made, all too often they choose to elect a liberal/tepid conservative instead of a conservative, then again 60%+ of them seem to know the country is on the “wrong track.” Strange.

  • Can’t entirely agree with Colonel Jackson but he’s on the right track. I consider a career politician one who stays in office for many years and treats it as his/her primary occupation and income. Carr has lost enough elections and been out of office long enough that we can’t really say that about him. He just seems hooked on being on a ballot – anywhere, at any time, for anything. Maybe he admits it, since he wrote as much or more about losing to Alexander as he did about his six years in the State House.

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